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People remain on the prayer list for a month. Please let us know if you would like for an extended period.

Prayers for healing and wholeness have been asked for…

Abby, Adrienne, Andrea, Angel, Angela, Ann, Archer-Haynes family, Barbara, Benito, Bob, Bobbie, Bryce, Carl, Carol, Carolyn, Catherine, Chris, Christine, Dan, Daniel, David, Ed, Edward, Elaine, Eli, Elizabeth, Ellie, Ernie, Gloria, Inese, James, Jane, Jean, Jerri, Jodie, Joel, John, Johnston family, Joseph, Judah, Julie, Kathleen, Kathryn, Katie, Kelly, Landon, Lane, Larry, Laura, Laurie, Leslie, Lillian, Linda, Lisa, Lizz, Lourdes, Lucas, Lydia, Lynn Elaine, Mac, Marcia, Mariela, Martie, Mary Elaine, Mary Elizabeth, Matthew, Melissa, Michael, Mike, Mireille, Myrna, Nanci, Nancy, Natalya, Nicholas, Noah, Noreen, Norman, Otis, Pat, Patrick, Patsy, Paul, Peg, Peggy, Peter, Richard, Ricki, Ruth, Ruthie, Sally Alice, Sandy, Sarah, Schuler family, Shannon, Sharon, Shawn, Sheridan, Stephanie, Stephen, Susan, Suzanne, Tico, Valerie, Vince, Winfred, and those serving our country… Alex, Austin, Benjamin, Christian, Elizabeth, Eric, George, Harold, Herbert, John, Lee, Lorne, Luster, Michael, Mantis, Sean, Thomas, Tommy, and William.

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