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The Bethesda Center for Spirituality is built on providing honest, relationship-based, spiritual experiences for all people no matter where they are in their life of faith.


  • We will not offer spiritual classes just for the sake of offering them.
  • This is not a “back door” to get more people into Bethesda, this is a “front porch” for those who are curious about going deeper into their life of faith.
  • These are authentic groups, focused on real-life questions and experiences, that allow you to share your beliefs without judgment or expectations.


  • We offer a diverse slate of spiritual opportunities because we don’t all come to God the same way. Some of us are makers, some are thinkers, some are feelers. Some of us don’t even know what we are.
  • The goal of the Bethesda Center for Spirituality is to offer you spiritual connection to others who share your passions, will help offer you support, and will walk the path of life with you no matter where it leads.


  • We also recognize that a life of faith is not static. It is dynamic. It grows and evolves as our personal lives and circumstances change.
  • Our spiritual offerings are designed to not just meet you in this sacred place, but also provide you with knowledge and activities that are life-giving to our community and world.

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