Worshipping in a Pandemic

Worshipping in a Pandemic

At Bethesda we are continually refining our worship plans to ensure that all are welcome and all are safe. We are currently offering online services for those at home as well as in-person services in our beautiful outdoor spaces.

We record our online services ahead of time so that multiple participants may safely offer various portions of the service. Lectors record their readings from home. The choir records service music, psalms, and anthems with masks, distancing, and strict time limits on indoor time. The priests and organist, who have worked to maintain a bubble for themselves, record the remainder of the service. Our technical team seamlessly edits the material together, ready for streaming on YouTube and Facebook at the appointed hour.

On Sundays, we offer an 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist in the beautiful Garden Chapel. This 40-minute service includes sermon, communion, and hymn improvisations played on the piano.

We also offer the Holy Eucharist at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday on the Garth. This larger space accommodates more people safely. The Bethesda Choir offers an Offertory Anthem and helps to lead the spoken parts of the service. This 40-minute service also includes a sermon and communion, and the prelude and postlude are amplified outside from our grand Austin organ inside the church.

On Wednesdays, we also offer the Holy Eucharist at 12:05 p.m. in the Garden Chapel.

At our in-person services, we require everyone to wear a mask properly at all times, and we arrange seats to maintain at least 6 feet between households. Ushers will seat everyone to minimize walking closely to others before or after the service. We are grateful for everyone’s patience as we adhere to protocols that carefully follow Diocesan guidelines. Communicants receive the bread only; the priests and Eucharistic Ministers will bring the host so that no lines form. Service leaflets are available online by using the link in our weekly email newsletter or by scanning the QR code at the entrances to each service. Sanitizer is also available at the entrances. We eagerly look forward to resuming congregational singing when it is safe to do so.

Other services are listed on this website.

As the weather heats up, as we achieve mass vaccination, and as our Rector, Associates, and staff receive their vaccinations, we will be able to begin moving back inside the air conditioned church. We will make announcements in person, via email, and on this website as protocols change.

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