That morning, that first Easter morning, they knew nothing but despair and loss. They saw the hope for a new world, the hope for a just society, the hope for reconciliation die on a cross. They saw Jesus mocked and treated as a criminal. And in his death, their world died too. Some fled, some hid, and a few of the women courageously went to the tomb to take care of Jesus’ body.

After our year-long pandemic passiontide, it’s understandable that we would have some of our own feelings of despair and of longing for things to change. So, as we make this Holy Week journey and arrive at the empty tomb this Sunday in our Easter worship, our world seems finally to be heading for a new day. Vaccines are becoming more and more available, and we can feel a growing sense of hope. We know, though, that our hope lies solely in the new life we have in Jesus, crucified, died, and gloriously risen. Our resurrection life promises renewal, reconciliation, and unbounded joy. It promises a joy far beyond anything we’ve known, and our worship offers us a sweet glimpse and experience of that joy.

Come celebrate the resurrection this Sunday, either in-person or online. We’ll share in the hope of Jesus’ new life and in the joy we have in our life and ministry as we experience, as we see our new day dawning.