One of the gifts of the Episcopal Church is that we value variety, breadth, depth and comprehensiveness. Many refer to us as a “broad church.” Each week we have the remarkable ability to sit in church with complete strangers, go to communion with people who are different from us, and serve our neighbor nearby and far away.

Being a broad church is a gift. It’s also hard work!

It’s a challenge these days to hold the ordinary variety of the human spiritual journeys together. We are a home to those who call themselves “indifferent.” We have space for those who are convinced doubters. And we create belonging for determined liturgical loyalists, biblical and political conservatives, wild-haired liberals, and for those who don’t have any idea what a “Nunc dimittis” is.

It’s hard work because Jesus Christ is risen and truly present in the church, and there’s no sense in double-talking what he wanted from his followers: lay down your life. Take up your cross. Practice resurrection. Love and serve your neighbor — no exceptions.

This Sunday, our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Peter Eaton, will be with us to celebrate, preach, and confirm. His office reminds us that we are part of a reality much larger than ourselves, much more comprehensive, much more global. He will remind us that our broadness is about Jesus’ forgiving spirit, and a breadth with which to welcome and include all of God’s children. He will also remind us that we have not yet arrived; we are still being shaped and perfected by grace.

Join us this Sunday at 10:00 a.m., to welcome our Bishop.

Bob Dannals
Interim Rector