Are you waiting for the Bethesda Staff TikTok dance video?

I keep hearing about these videos of people looking for ways to occupy their time while the world shuts down around them. I don’t know what these people normally do with their days as this has not been my experience. And I know this is not the experience of any of the staff at BBTS. We have more to do than ever. It may not be the exact same things we were doing a month ago, but the tasks pile up still. We are reinventing how we do church in a world of social distancing and self-quarantine.

How do we stay connected when we can’t gather together at church? How do we minister to those we can’t go visit? How do we communicate the new things we are doing? We have moved from services three days a week to seven days a week. We have set out to reach by phone every active member of our parish. We have set up education and fellowship opportunities for all the different age groups. We even have a dedicated website coming soon so that everyone can find these new ways to connect.

I know all our outputs have not been flawless, but we are learning as we go and getting better every time we do something. As we get better with the new technologies and processes, we expect to get more efficient. Please be patient with us. In the meantime, don’t look for a TikTok video from the staff any time soon. Maybe July?

Fred Staley
Associate for Administration