Dear Friends,

When it comes to 1960s fashion, does your mind immediately go to Jackie O or Woodstock? There’s no wrong answer, of course. And if you plan to dress up for our 60s-themed Summer Soirée on Wednesday, July 12, you can take your pick.

As you may know, we’ve added themes to our three Summer Soirées this year. Last month it was the 50s, this month it’s the 60s, and in August we’ll be invoking the 70s. Just a spot of summer fun to gather as a community, partake in some food and drink, and enjoy being together in the air conditioned Parish Hall.

If you decide to go the counter-cultural route of the late 1960s, I’d say you’ll be in good company at Bethesda. Not because we encourage tie-dye shirts or bell bottoms — though you’re always welcome to wear whatever you want to church (unless you’re ushering). But because as Christians we live a counter-cultural life.

In a world where power, wealth, and winning are held up as cultural idols, Christians point towards love, mercy, and compassion as our guiding principles. Jesus reveals for us what really matters in this life, and it doesn’t always align with the perceived values of society.

And let’s face it, as church attendance continues to dip nationally, going to church is increasingly a counter-cultural act. We don’t worship God on Sundays simply because that’s what all our neighbors are doing, or because we want to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses don’t even go to church!

But we do. We follow the way of the cross, the way of Jesus, the way of love. And we know that it leads us on a path of transformation and peace.

So, know that however you might dress for a 60s-themed shindig, your faith is counter-cultural. And if you join us next Wednesday, apparently Bryna picked up a 60s-style shirt for me to wear. I’m nervous.