What does gratitude mean to you? Is it merely an obligation? Does it make you think of a thank you note for an unwanted gift that your mother forced you to write? Or is it the overwhelming emotion of the sailor who kneels to kiss the shore he wasn’t certain he would ever reach? For most of us, our experience of gratitude probably falls somewhere between those two extremes.

The challenges that we’ve all faced this year have led me to a new sense of gratitude for things I once took for granted—for friends and family, for meaningful work, for an ever-cheerful dog (and an ever-wary cat). And this year has also reminded me that all we do as Christians we do in gratitude for gifts already received.

Please watch this short video about gratitude from Father James. (The video also includes some lovely new aerial images of the church.) With this video, we invite you to join us in a new gratitude offering that will give an opportunity to reflect upon and express the things we’re most grateful for in this time. I hope you’ll consider making a gift as you take some time to think about what role gratitude plays in your life of faith.

To make your gratitude offering: CLICK HERE

The Rev. Margaret McGhee
Associate For Stewardship And Digital Ministry