Dear friends,

I’m not sure about you, but we’ve had lots of family descending on the rectory this week. Between both our boys, both our mothers, and a step-father thrown in for good measure, we’re bursting at the seams! Of course, everyone is curious to see us in our new (tropical) habitat. But at one level, Thanksgiving is simply an excuse to be together. And eat. And watch football.

On Sundays, we celebrate what is known as the Great Thanksgiving as we share communion together. In fact, the word “eucharist” is Greek for “thanksgiving.” So giving thanks stands at the very heart of what we do when we gather for worship.

And I think this is a good reminder that on Thanksgiving Day, our thanks is ultimately directed towards God. It’s good to be together with family and friends, but even if we spend a quiet day without the swirl of activity, taking a moment to simply revel in the gratitude of God’s abundant blessings is enough.

However you mark this day, however full or empty your house may be, stay mindful of the glorious and life-changing love that God has for you. And give thanks for that.