Dear Friends,

This Sunday is the Feast of the Transfiguration. Our Scripture lessons tell the story of Jesus taking three disciples up a mountain to pray. That part isn’t unusual – Jesus often withdrew for times of prayer. But things quickly took a surprising turn. Peter, James, and John watched in amazement as their beloved teacher began to shine. His clothes became dazzling white. And if that weren’t enough, they saw Jesus conferring with Moses and Elijah. It was a glorious moment, to be sure, but also a little unsettling! What did it all mean? How should they respond?

I haven’t seen anyone at Bethesda actually shining lately, but we are experiencing wonderful change here, too. We’re baptizing folks – in August, no less! We’ve had fantastic turnouts for our St. Mary’s luncheons and Soirees – in the dead of summer! Familiar faces are taking on new leadership roles, buildings and grounds are being freshened up, innovative offerings are planned for the months ahead. Enthusiasm is palpable and growing.

Scripture assures us that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. We can always depend on his certain, steady love. But the Holy Spirit is doing new things among us, as well. How should we respond? Let’s put our faith and trust in a loving God who has brought us to this place. Let’s discover how God is asking each of us to take our part in Christ’s work among us. And with the Spirit’s help, let’s move forward with joy into all God has planned for us.

The Rev. Susan Beebe