Dear Bethesda Family,

I’m so pleased to announce that I have appointed Mother Margaret McGhee as Associate for Stewardship and Digital Ministry. As you know, Mother Margaret came to us directly from seminary as a curate. A curate is rather like a resident out of medical school, completing the hands-on learning that doesn’t really happen in school. Curates do not normally stay for more than three years, but rather move to another ministry somewhere else.

In our case, however, Mother Margaret has so effectively and faithfully grown into her role as a priest here, and so grafted herself into this community of faith, that it just wouldn’t make sense to say good-bye to her this year. She has been a crucial leader in our efforts to respond moment-by-moment to the pandemic in which we are currently living. She continues to help me and all our leaders to better see the pastoral and safety dimensions of this crisis and how to be the Church in this increasingly digital world. She has also, in a few short months, greatly improved our database integrity and usage so that we can be better stewards of everyone’s financial gifts.

I look forward to working with Mother Margaret as she grows into these roles and expands her leadership presence at Bethesda. I know you join me in expressing our gratitude to her for her dedication and continued commitment and to God for calling us to this new relationship with her.