The oceans and rivers of Florida got in my blood early. Even though we grew up slightly inland, water was everywhere, as far as the eye could see — rivers running, waves rolling, inviting fishing holes and cool eddies.

For many years, Valerie, the girls and I went on holiday to a remote beach south of St. Augustine. Summer Haven consisted of one road end to end, a line of cottages facing the ocean, a local general store, and a fresh seafood market where we could purchase fresh fish for dinner. Those days remind us of the exquisite beauty of Palm Beach, where a slower pace can calm the soul, a good book can feed the mind, and simplified worship on Sunday helps us focus on the right things.

Wherever you are this summer, I hope you’ll spend the time getting re-aquatinted with friends and family, take on that meaty book you’ve been setting aside, recognize the beauty of God’s creation, and consider again God’s amazing grace and call on your life. If you are here in Palm Beach, I hope you’ll frequent church on Sundays, sing hymns with the summer choir, and join us for fellowship and refreshments following worship. It’s a summer treat.

Bob Dannals
Interim Rector