Jesus spoke about fullness as he stood on a level place somewhere in Galilee, surrounded by a great multitude. His Sermon on the Plain began with short blessings and woes. He started by speaking about a fullness that feels empty — and also the richness that feels like poverty, the laughter that feels like weeping, and the power and prestige that ultimately feel weak and inadequate.

I like this shortened version of the Sermon. Jesus was not on a mountain this time; he was on their level, looking them straight in the eye. In that context, he spoke to them about significant aspects of living: Are you going to be full of yourself or full of values that give life to the world? If all your riches and prestige are merely for your own interest, will you finally receive satisfaction and meaning?

There is another way, Jesus said. There is the way of giving, of generosity, of taking a daily interest in the well-being of others.

This month we have two prominent opportunities to reach out to those in need. We call it Feeding in February. Please pick up a “Share What You Can” empty bag this Sunday, February 13, and bring it back full of non-perishable food for the Ingathering on February 27. And beginning on Wednesday, February 16, we need a cadre of volunteers to participate in “Empty Bowls,” preparing for the take-out or delivery on Friday, February 18.

Please see extra information in this e-blast about volunteering and contributing, and many thanks to those who are coordinating our effort.

Bob Dannals
Interim Rector