“Summer’s here, I’m for that. Got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat . . .” Every summer, I find myself humming this James Taylor tune – in the car, cooking, wherever.

What is it about summer, even for those of us who live in the paradise of summer all year? For those who are seasonal, it’s time for a change of scenery and connecting with “summer friends.” For those of us here, it’s a refreshing respite from the over-activity of the winter months, a time when traffic is lighter, restaurant specials are abundant, and vacations are just around the corner.

The living is easier, slower, lighter and Bethesda moves with this rhythm – fewer services, fewer classes, more fun. Our Summer Soirees were born out of this summer vibe. Last week at our 50’s themed soiree there were Fonzies in white t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves, women in slacks adorned with martini glasses, 50s shirtwaist dresses and don’t forget the uber skinny belts. A general ease and joy filled the room as we celebrated just being together.

Lighter schedules and feelings also give us more time to reflect – on our lives, our relationships, our faith. It gives us more time to look for the holy in the midst of the everyday; in the caring gesture that comes to us just when we need it, in the eyes of the person who needs that from us, in the quiet times of journaling and praying. It’s a time to let God, the forever pursuer, catch us! A time to sit down and talk to God, tell our Creator what’s on our mind, deepen our relationship with the one who loves us no matter what.

“Summer’s here, I’m for that. It’s my favorite time of the year and I’m glad that it’s here. Yeah.”

The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Rankin