This summer I have found myself intentionally practicing gratitude. Both in Palm Beach and away in several climes I gave thanks for the people and mission of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, for the beauty of the coast, for the generosity of those who make life-changing ministries happen, for the breath-taking vistas of the upper reaches of Canada and for the stunning landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. A grateful heart seems right for the times we live in, when people and nations can be vengeful, self-serving and chaotic.

George Herbert has written: “Thou hast given so much to us … give one thing more — a grateful heart.” This summer I have offered Herbert‘s well-worn words in my prayers about life and for the church’s mission and ministry.

At Bethesda-by-the-Sea there is much that commends the practice of gratefulness. Out of gratitude, many of our parishioners have given, and then given some more during this interim period. And while the financial picture of our congregation is healthy, we still need an amount which exceeds $250 thousand dollars to balance our annual budget by year-end. If you haven’t yet made a pledge for 2022, or if you haven’t yet given to our beloved church, PLEASE consider participating. We need everyone!

I am grateful for the hard-working Stewardship Team and Finance Committee who keep their eyes on the prize in this year of financial downturn and high inflation. We are doing very well, and we want to finish the year strong.

So, practice gratefulness for the rest of the summer and frequent church, either on Palm Beach or wherever your journeys take you.

Bob Dannals
Interim Rector