We are pleased to announce that the Revs. Susan and Jeff Beebe will be assisting priests during the interim. In addition to the wonderful additions of Carol Barron and Elizabeth Geitz, the Beebes will be assisting with worship, funerals, weddings, teaching and preaching.

Susan will continue teaching a women’s Bible study on Wednesdays, celebrate monthly at the Wednesday Eucharist, assist and celebrate on Sundays once a month (on average), teach on Sundays in the winter and spring, officiate at several funerals and weddings and preach periodically. Jeff will be available to assist and celebrate infrequently on Sundays and participate in the teaching series on the Parables of Luke in the winter.

Susan and Jeff are well-known and beloved at Bethesda. We are so pleased they will be part of the clergy team for this interim season.

Bob Dannals
Interim Rector