January is officially in full swing—and this month ushers in the Season of Epiphany.

South Floridians could easily mistake the word “Epiphany” to mean “gridlocked traffic,” as the two arrive at about the same time. However, I assure you: they are not the same thing. During the Season of Epiphany, we reflect on Jesus’ divine identity and the ways he is made known to us and the world. Each week the appointed gospel lessons guide our reflections.

A visit from the wise men reminds us Jesus is Messiah for people throughout the world. At Jesus’ baptism, the Father introduces him as “my Son, the beloved.” And this Sunday, when we meet some folks trying to figure out who Jesus really is, we hear one of my favorite phrases in Scripture: “Come and see.”

Jesus doesn’t respond to the seekers’ inquiry about his identity with elaborately constructed doctrine. He simply invites them to spend time with him, to bring their questions, and discover for themselves who he is.

Perhaps this season you’re wondering who Jesus really is, and how he relates to your life. Maybe you know him, but you sense your relationship could be deepened. Whatever the case, Jesus’ words to you are the same as to those early seekers: “Come and see.”

All kinds of wonderful things can happen when we take Jesus up on his offer. And who knows—you might even have an epiphany of Christ while sitting in gridlocked traffic!

The Rev. Susan R. Beebe