Inadequacies. Inadequacies have been my greatest struggle in this ongoing pandemic. Inadequacies in computer skills, the Google suite, logging in to Google Meet (our form of Zoom), microphone reverberation, presenting on screens, two screens at once, virtual, and now in-person attendance procedures. There is so much, too much, to remember to do- and wait; the daily agenda must be posted. Trying to present a lesson which people could understand was hard enough in the past. Now just getting ready to present it is a challenge.

Yes, I am inadequate in many things, but I think of Gene Krantz, the mission control flight director of Apollo 13, when he asked, “What do we have on the spacecraft that’s good?”

The story of the people of God is one of change. We are the people of which it was said in the Acts of the Apostles, “These are the people who have been turning the world upside down…” (Acts 17:6). So what does this mean for me and you as the Church?

The world may seem out of control, but we as followers of Christ can turn our world upside down with patience, self -forgiveness, and perseverance to learn and adapt as best we can.

This week in school we will receive a new piece of technology called a Smart Boards. It’s an electronic board that can integrate with the computer. I hope I’m smart enough to use it! I will do my best and try not to let first attempts and failures keep me up at night. In the wee hours, if I’m up thinking about the next day and what it will bring, I do my best to give up those worries to God, and think of the reality that awaits the sunrise, in the timeless opening words of Psalm 121: 1-2; “I lift up my eyes to the hills- from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. ”

May all of you who are struggling , reach out to God, each other, and to us. We will listen.

Deacon Clay