Dialogue these days seems to be so much about changes in our life, our church, our country and even our world. The myriad changes coming at us are like tidal waves of enormous proportion. Depending on how we meet or react to change, these unceasing waves can stir different emotions, ranging from discomfort and fear to hope and joy. We all know that the only thing in life that is constant is change. So if that is true perhaps it’s time to look at change with different eyes in the days ahead.

I am a member of the Order of the Daughters of The King. As clergy, I am also the chaplain of our St. Brigid’s chapter of the Order here at Bethesda. Daughters of the King take a vow to serve God through prayer, service and evangelism. We wear our crosses as outward and visible signs to the world that we cannot live without Christ in our lives. In the past year, our service to Bethesda has been through dedication to daily prayers for our clergy, our church prayer list, our country, and the world. Even in these times of loss and difficulty anyone can come to see pivotal moments of hope through prayers that bring new life.

If we can look at change in new ways with hope, our trust in God expands. Of all the attitudes of the heart, hope is the one that enables us to endure. Empowered by unceasing prayer and the Holy Spirit, we can let go and be open to God’s mystery of Grace and Love, as the waves of life wash over us, or even knock us down. Life after all is a process of change and transformation, from birth to death, which grows through the power of prayer and service, helping us to trust God’s goodness to guide us on paths of hope in the days ahead! Where do you find hope?

In Christ,

The Rev. Dr. Cecily J. Titcomb
Deacon for Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Care